Sarah Gaul is HYSTERICAL, Comedy: Monday 1st October / by Kian West

Do you need a laugh?
Monday isn’t traditionally a good night for a show in Newcastle, but guess what? Long Weekend baby! Yes, it is like that bonus Sunday you hadn’t realised yet that you totally need to do something with. Something special, like laugh, luckily we have hand selected this beauty for YOU!

Sarah Gaul is an award-winning musical comedienne who has toured her one-woman show to festivals all around the country. Sarah recently returned from NYC where she played a number of sold out shows.

The quick tips on why you should catch Sarah

  1. She is a Novocastrian. Gotta support the team.

  2. Playing one of the first shows in The Newcastle Train Station. Great way to see the venue.

  3. Outrageously funny! And only $15!

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Need some more info before you commit?
Sure, not everyone is so prepared to jump right in.
Sarah just spent the past year playing sold-out shows in New York. Why is this important? It means she has spent all that time finetuning this masterpiece ready to show it to you. Crammed it all into a solid hour. You might recognise her from appearances on ABC’s ‘TONIGHTLY with Tom Ballard’. Sarah Gaul is HYSTERICAL is an hour of original musical comedy that pulls no punches, examining what it is to be a female comic, and human woman, in 2018.

Ready now?
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Need just a little bit more proof?
“Outrageously funny” - BroadwayWorld New York
“ Check her out now so you can say you saw her before she was big” - HECKLER
“ If Cabaret isn’t your thing, Gaul might change your mind” - Broadsheet Sydney
“Over-emotional. Unreasonable. Feisty. Ambitious. Bossy. High Maintenance. Hysterical” - Various Human Males throughout the years.

Venue: The Newcastle Train Station,Cnr Watt & Scott Streets, Newcastle, NSW
Date: Monday 1st October
Time: 5 pm - 6pm
Tickets: $15

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Click me. Dare you.

Click me. Dare you.