Sarah Christine, By Brooke Tunbridge / by Brooke Tunbridge

It’s so inspiring to hear when someone puts so much love, effort and time into their creative projects, and still manages to find time for work, study and life in general. Sarah Christine, like many other incredible people I’ve interviewed, does just this. We were talking for a while about her music and the amount of gigs she performs (which is a lot), then briefly about her work as a singing teacher at Anna’s Singing School in Redhead. I thought to myself, ‘I won’t even ask her about studying, she sounds way too busy to be doing that as well.’ To my surprise, study slips into the conversation as Sarah mentions she’s in her second year studying Primary Teaching.

If you got your hands on last year’s Newcastle Mirage CD compilation, you would have heard Sarah’s track ‘Jump’ featured. Learn a bit more about the artist behind the track and find out about the exciting things Sarah has planned for 2017.

When did you start making music?
For myself, I started making it maybe three years ago now. I was singing beforehand but I didn’t really pick up guitar and everything until three years ago.

Oh cool. So are there any other musically talented people in your family?
No, it’s pretty much just me – my sister is sporty and my brother’s got the brain; I’m the music one.

How would you describe your sound?
I like the style where it’s more the lyrics than the music. I like the whole idea of storytelling in a song.

You’re releasing your debut EP The Dreamer and The Realist on 26th March. Can you tell me about the process of writing and recording?
Sometimes writing is super quick; ‘Honey’ and a couple of other songs I sat down and wrote in 10 minutes, but other songs took me a couple of months. I usually do music and then lyrics. I write songs about moments, but not as they’re happening; I write them as a reflection. I write a lot of songs as first person but they might not necessarily be about my experiences.

The EP has been quite a bit of time in the making – there’s the money side of things, plus I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’d say over a year.

I recorded the EP with Rhys at Spinlight Studio. Just two people (me and Rhys), but it sounds pretty good. The good thing about Rhys is that I’d have an idea and I’d hum it but say I want it in different instruments, and he’d know what to do. We’d come together and decide on things; it was good.

What are you listening to at the moment?
I’m very singer-songwriter influenced. I love Missy Higgins, Daughter, Ed Sheeran – I really like the simplicity.

Also, I’m a big fiend for punk rock… blink-182 being an obvious favourite. I think that’s where I get the whole bluntness of lyrics from, even though my lyrics aren’t as jaded and angsty. I’m not really against any genre – it just depends what mood I’m in.

You’ve played in so many different venues – do you have a favourite?
I’ve even played at swimming pools. I really like when I get to play my original music; The Lass is classic for original stuff, so I always get excited to play there. I do like the cafés, but there’s always the question of whether or not people are actually listening.

I played my song ‘Jump’ and I had a guy say he liked the original way better than my version. I didn’t even know what to say, so I just agreed with him!

I went to Tamworth when the [Country Music] festival was on – I wasn’t meant to play, I was just going to see family – and I ended up playing a 30-minute set. I was walking in the street and people were like, ‘That was really great,’ and I just thought, ‘Oh my gosh! People were listening?!’

It was crazy – I started off doing busking, so seeing all of the buskers was really cool. Except I spent so much money [on buskers] because I was just like, ‘Here you go’.

Plans for the rest of 2017?
I’m releasing my track ‘Giving My Heart Away’ on 24th February. I was just doing an EP but I got all of my tracks back in December and didn’t want to wait, so thought I would release one song before the EP is released. The song is an open letter. When I was younger, I’d find that if someone was nice to me… I’m an all-in-or-nothing person, so I’d just jump on it. [The song is] an open letter that I wrote as a reflection. If you’re going to be nice to me, make sure you keep being nice to me otherwise I will just give my heart away.

My EP The Dreamer and the Realist is being released on 26th March and my EP launch is that night at Peppertown Café in Mayfield. I have two support acts, both singer-songwriters: Codi Kaye and Liliana Crane (who is only 15 years old). When I was younger I found it was difficult to get started anywhere, so I wanted to be able to give someone that opportunity.

Playing with other musicians is just so great. A couple of friends are going to help me out with instruments at my EP launch, as my EP isn’t just me and my guitar.

Stay up to date with Sarah and catch her at one of her many upcoming shows. HERE