SAFE HANDS, Supporting The HARD ACHES - June 9 @ The Cambridge Hotel / by Kian West

The Hard Aches are touring the country during June and when they arrive in Newcastle for their show at The Cambridge Hotel on June 9th, local rockers SAFE HANDS will be there to support. Ahead of this show, we got the quick and dirty with Ben from the band. 

Tell us a little bit about the band?
Ben: We’re a Newcastle quintet making music in the realm of rock and post-hardcore. We cut our teeth playing noisier, more metal and hardcore influenced material but after some member changes and feeling like we’d taken that style as far as we could (as well as wanting to distance ourselves from the negative aspects off that scene) we took things in a more melodic direction which we’re really happy with. Our second album “Tie Your Soul To Mine” was released in September of last year through Sydney independent label Lost Boy Records and was long-listed for the 2016 Australian Music Prize.

When did you start playing together? Have you been in groups before?
B: Me (Ben) (vocals) and Anthony (guitar) played in a band called Lights Out Berlin back in 2004 then after that project folded started the original version of Safe Hands back in late 2006 (with Ben originally playing bass) though it took five years before we could get a line-up together that could actually tour.

Who are your influences?
B: At the moment the material we’re coming out with is taking cues from Brand New, The National, Pianos Become The Teeth and late-era Thrice. We’re definitely more focused on writing more structured “songs” rather than falling into our old practice of just jamming random sections together with little rhyme or reason to it.

Have you got any local favourite artists?
B: Currently it has to be Suburban Haze. A truly underrated band who should be getting loads more attention if there was any justice in the national scene. Our guitarist Josh also plays in Rachel Maria Cox’s band and their new material is super cool. On the heavier end of the spectrum Tired Minds (who we lovingly poached our drummer Isaac from) are releasing their LP in mid June and what we’ve heard so far from that has been mind blowing.

There is a show coming up? 
B: We’re going to be playing with The Hard Aches, Muncie Girls from the UK and The Football Club on June 9 at the Cambridge Hotel side bar which should be a blast.

What should people expect?
B: Plenty of loud guitars, emotional catharsis and questionable dance moves. We’re also most likely giving some new songs a debut as well.

What is next?
B: We’re aiming to record a new EP in June at our drummer Isaac’s studio space Woodriver Studios. We’re going to be working with Lincoln Le Fevre on that one when he’s in town for his upcoming residency at the Lass O’ Gowrie which we’re really excited about. We’re also going to be part of Poison City’s Weekender Fest in September on Sunday the 17th at the Reverence Hotel in Melbourne. Tickets for that one sold out very quickly and we’re playing with some of the best bands in the country so just to be involved is a big tick off the bucket list for sure.