Rediscovering Newcastle - February 2017 / by Amy Theodore

Rediscovering Newcastle

by Amy Theodore

No matter how long you live in an area, you’ll be surprised at the treasures hidden just around the corner.

Glenrock - The last pocket of coastal rainforest in this region, the Glenrock State Conversation Area has outdoor activities for everyone, whether you like to walk, ride or relax on a beach.

Stockton’s Tin City - For this one you’re going to need a 4WD, because you’ll be heading out across the majestic dunes of Stockton Beach. A 25-minute drive will get you out to what is known as Tin City. Popping up in the 1900s when just two tin fishing shacks were built, the Great Depression saw that number boom to 14. Tin City was even one of the filming locations for the original 1979 Mad Max film.

Morpeth - If you’re up for getting out of town for a day, considering checking out Morpeth. Filled with beautiful and historically rich architecture, there is plenty to see by just wandering around. If, however, you want to learn more, you can visit one of its many museums, galleries and factories.

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