Real Australians Say Hello / by Kian West

Australia Day is a hot topic these days. From debates on wether it should be a trade day for retailers, if we should change the date, what the day means to millions of Australians and how brands advertise around the date, it can feel like a mind-field. 

A date so rich with history, good and often bad, this article doesn't seek to rectify all that this day may represent to our indigenous friends, we are sorry that so much wrong has happened and hope that one day there is a day where everyone feels right. But this isn't what this piece is about. 

As we get ready for the public holiday, here at Mirage we are curious what Australia Day means to Novocastrians? For this year and the decades to follow, what do you believe should be the iconic Australian tradition to pass on. How do we help all Australians young and old to feel included in a day that should mark all that is beautiful, incredible, rich and unique about our country. What sets us apart from the rest of this great wide world....

Happy Australia Day.