RARA REVIEWS: The Mojito, by Kiara Grant / by Kiara Grant

I love day drinking and this my friends, is the time for it. I hope you've come into your New Year with as much excitement and drive around new opportunities as I have, but we have a little more silly season to enjoy just yet. Let's hold onto it as long as we can. Speaking of new opportunities, I had the opportunity to hit a new bar in Newcastle, The Flying Tiger which has injected a bit more life into the east end. This month I've been drinking mojitos in an effort to beat the heat and trick myself into being in some exotic location when really I'm deep in that retail grind. If you're not familiar with a mojito, it's a mix of white rum, lime, sugar, soda water and mint. There is some conjecture around the history of this cocktail, with it's roots in Cuba. The story goes, a British chap named Sir Francis Drake was served a drink when he was kicking around this region in the 1500s, it was called El Draque. Others say African slaves created the drink while harvesting sugar cane. I know what I believe. Some histories were written, others weren't, that doesn't make one more accurate than the other. What is known though, is many moons later, the writer Ernest Hemingway was a regular patron of La Bodeguita del Media in Havana, and is responsible for teaching the rest of the US what's good. I take my hat off to him. 

Mojito The Lucky Hotel

The Flying Tiger 

This place has a f*cking plane, a Flying Tiger, funnily enough, hanging from the roof. Technically still under restaurant licensing, you are required to order food with a drink, this I assure you is not an inconvenience at all, the food is epic. I'm going to stay in my lane here and speak about the mojito, I actually swore aloud after my first sip, that's how perfect it was. Just go here, I don't have anything else to say. 

The Lucky Hotel

If you can show me a nicer outdoor area in Newcastle I'll eat that same hat I just took off. The vertical garden provides the perfect place to spread out in the sun with friends over drinks. My mojito was served in a high ball, as it should be, and it was very well balanced. For just a moment, amonst the greenery and about two of these deep, I could have been in Havana.

The Mojito Flying Tiger