RARA REVIEWS: The Martini / by Kiara Grant

The Martini Clarendon Hotel

The Martini


Hunter Street is f*cked right now. Well and truly. You know what else is? Being single, especially this wretched month. So many businesses in the CBD are suffering as much as my love life is. I can't be the only one. What I have developed a genuine love for is gin. So this month, come Valentine's Day, you'll find me showing love to these businesses with a martini in hand. I like mine dry with a twist. I hate being asked gin or vodka – it's not even a question really, is it? 

The Clarendon Hotel

Built in the 1930s and featuring a large Art Deco style bar, The Clarendon is a beautiful venue. In contrast to the interior, the cocktail list is much more modern. The Clarendon have skilled bartenders and a take on the Martini – a Spicy Wasabi Martini – of gin, wasabi, St Germain, cucumber and lemon. It's got a kick but it's well-balanced. I like foods and men the same way – hot – and the addition of wasabi was welcomed, but if this isn't your drink, you can ask for a classic martini.

The Clarendon Hotel

Coal and Cedar

I've talked them up before and I will again now for the simple reason that they are the best for cocktails, and the martini is a drink you don't mess around with. I'll keep trying to find better, and Newy, I keep challenging you to be better. Find Coal and Cedar behind the obnoxious construction. Careful, though, the boys behind the bar will get you as good as the drink.

Coal & Cedar