RARA REVIEWS: The Daiquiri / by Kiara Grant

humble The Daiquiri

I found myself on Darby Street for dinner and daiquiris after a really lame Monday. I had the dentist and cleaning for a house inspection, and it drove me to drink. Autumn, the sneaky motherf*cker, might be upon us, but I don't need to tell to you the days are still long and hot. So I wound down this crappy hot Monday with dinner and daiquiris at The Depot then The Delany (how’s that alliteration?). I prefer my desserts alcoholic and in liquid form, so on this occasion I decided to stick with a daiquiri over a sticky date. The daiquiri has roots in Latin America; it's rum-based and, though traditionally flavoured with lime, can generally be mixed with any flavour of fruit. (I rolled with strawberry because it's my favourite and I'm selfish – you order what you will.) This drink gained popularity through the Second World War as rum became more accessible than other spirits that had been rationed. The Pan America Trade Agreement kept the United States lit and in supply of rum (there's that history major I never use). Anyway, enough of that nonsense; here's where I drank.

The Depot

With locations on both Beaumont and Darby Streets, it's actually surprising considering how much I go out that this was my first time at The Depot. I have good things to say – the service was great and I appreciated that my daiquiri was made my hand, not blender. Don't get me wrong, I'll drink frozen ones in Bali all day long, but a hand-crafted drink will never go astray. I also appreciated that my drink was balanced with citrus, as a daiquiri should be, and not overrun with sickly syrup. It wasn't listed on the current menu, but the bartenders were happy to oblige.

The Hotel Delany

The Del is a Darby Street institution and a great place to drink. I usually go for Top Shelf Tuesdays, but if you come through on a Friday, cocktails are $10. I'm not gonna lie: my daiquiri was delicious, though generous with the rum ratio, and had me forgetting all about that dental drill.

$10 Cocktails and $10 Tapas - tonight on Darby St!✌️🍸🍹

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