RARA REVIEWS: Amaretto Sour, by Kiara Grant / by Kiara Grant

I think there might be some sort of car race on this month? I’m not really well-versed in that world, but I have tried to drive into the East End every day and even I’ve been tested. But to any Novocastrian complaining about this month’s foreshore shenanigans, I stay stop being sour, stop the mouth working and put an Amaretto Sour to your lips instead. This drink is a balance between sticky sweet, citrus and delicious nutty Amaretto (which, my research tells me, gets its flavouring from apricot pits – curious.) The composition is simple to make but it’s easy to simply muck it up. If executed well, the Amaretto is wonderful, as this month’s races will be. If it’s all too overwhelming, though, take refuge at one of these bars for a Sour.

The Landing Bar and kitchen

The Landing

Located at the Honeysuckle precinct, The Landing Bar and Kitchen boasts one of the best views in the city. The food is delectable, happy hour is from 5pm every day and my Amaretto Sour packed a punch, beautifully presented with a garnish of maraschino.

The Edwards

I go to The Edwards every single day. It's my coffee place, so I don't really frequent it to drink –  you can't go to a place twice in one day, right? Wrong. I just did and it was magic. That's the beauty of the versatility of this space: there's so much room for activities (trivia, laundromat, record store? They have it all). Toby absolutely killed it (this is a positive response, for those who don't understand anything I say, like Mum). My Amaretto Sour was beautifully balanced and served with a splash of bitters and chocolate shaving over egg whites.