RARA RAVING ABOUT - GIN FIZZ, by Kiara Grant / by Kiara Grant

Okay, just what the f*ck is going on in the world? That wasn't really a rhetorical question but I just don’t think I wanna hear the answer. I’ve stopped watching the news. Any time I've asked myself this month, it's just made me want a drink. My own world has forced me to be a little bit selfish this month, and sometimes we need to be. So you know the drill: when life gives you lemons, pay a hot bartender to make you lemonade, but better. I did just that – I went to my favourite places to drink and ordered an old favourite, a Gin Fizz. I'm encouraging you to be a little selfish this month. Head to one of these bars and I promise you'll forget the world, or maybe find one that's much more fun, even if just for a night.

rara koutetsu raving gin fizz

The Koutetsu

The first time I went to the Koutetsu was on a date. I didn't care much for the guy, but the bar –  oh, did I fall in love. It's dark, mysterious and so very well stocked. My gin was a perfect balance of sour and silky. Served in a tall glass with a fun stripy straw. The drink was almost rivalled by the free popcorn – almost.

koutetsu two rara

The Family Hotel

The Fam established itself in Newcastle the same time I did, about a year ago. I call that fate. It's my favourite bar/pub (it's hard to tell without the pokies). While the Gin Fizz isn't on the menu, if you ask nicely, they'll make you pretty well anything you like; that's what Family does. The Gin Fizz was cold, lemony and delicious. If you see me out, feel free to buy me one. This is my new drink – make it yours too.