RA-RA RAVING ABOUT COCKTAILS – Cosmopolitan by Kiara Grant / by Kiara Grant

I’ve felt a change in the air lately and perhaps you have too. The days are getting longer, shoulders are reappearing, the light rail is coming along… And marriage equality is near. If you’re reading this and have voted positively, thank you. If you’re on the fence, jump off and rip it down. It’s not about sides, it’s about breaking those barriers, it’s about love. In the spirit of this change, I spent a stellar Sunday afternoon at Honeysuckle chatting with my old man, to make sure he was voting correctly (the things us kids must do). I decided to make him as uncomfortable as possible, and order us the drink of QUEENS, the Cosmo: a fresh mix of cranberry, lime, vodka and Cointreau. I’m happy to report that he loved the drinks, and he’s voting in support too. Here were my favourites.

moneypenny cosmopolitan cocktail newcastle

Moneypenny : A colourful and kitschy bar on Newcastle’s most beautiful waterfront that switches up its menu every damn week. All fruit used is seasonal and fresh and you can tell the difference. Moneypenny will take a classic you’re familiar with and give a little kick. I can’t work out what’s more fun – the venue or the drinks. My Cosmopolitan was deceptively simple, easy to drink and refreshing.

dockyard cosmopolitan newcastle cocktail

The Dockyard : The thing that attracts me most to The Dockyard is that their kitchen is open all day. They take cocktails seriously too; so much so that the menu is a little hardcover book. You’ll find both the classics and wonders created in-house – every week a new cocktail is featured for just $10 and happy hour is on Sunday at 3. The nailed their Cosmo, so much so, I ordered another.