Put out your fairy lights for Same Sex marriage! / by Kian West

say yes same sex marriage

Have you spotted any fairy lights put up around Newcastle that seem to be a little earlier than normal for a Christmas celebration? They might just be a new addition and grass roots movement as part of the ‘yes’ campaign for same-sex marriage in Australia. 

Sydney man Steve Spencer decided to string fairy lights on the front of his home to spell out “yes” ahead of the Federal Government’s postal survey on the issue.

Households will begin receiving forms this week asking if they support a change in the law to allow gay couples to wed.

Official organisers of campaigns for both sides of the debate are in full swing but now people like Mr Spencer are getting involved in their own unique ways.

And others are starting to follow his lead, as part of what’s become the #putoutyourfairylights campaign.

“I’m encouraging people to put out their fairy lights so that our night times are full of support and love for the LGBTIQ community, who face increased homophobia during this postal survey,” Mr Spencer said.



This article was originally published in part on www.news.com.au