Pumping Good Oil Into Newcastle's Music Scene / by Laura Kebby

It really does seem that the rumours are true and Thursday is indeed the new Friday. The latest venue to add to the ever growing list of awesome places to kick off your pre-weekend (I mean no one really works on a Friday amirite?) are the Edwards Bar, with their latest project “The Good Oil” said to literally “pump the good oil into Newcastle’s music scene”.

This is the kind of stuff that really makes me happy. Because it’s about giving local music lovers yet another hub to call home, and I’d even go as far as to say establishing and fostering a really cool community of local people feasting their ears on what they love the most.

It all kicks off this coming Thursday from 8pm… Did I mention the whole shebang is F-R-E-E!

The brains trust behind the giggo is Newcastle’s third favourite son, and avid vinyl fanatic Chris Dunn and Silverchair’s Chris Joannou just in case you thought we were mucking about, the Good Oil is the real deal friends!

Sydney’s Yon Yonson, supported by Jingle and Toytown kick things off this week, and I know a whole bunch of other amazing acts will be headed our way as the event takes off.

So what are you doing this coming Thursday? Hanging out at the Edwards of course!