Preserving tasty traditions, where to get Marmalade in Newcastle? / by Kian West

Over the weekend, ABC News reported that "Marmalade getting its zest back as complex new recipes help spread the word". It had us thinking, where in Newcastle can you get a tasty preserve from? 


Hit us up with suggestions of places and people in the comments.

Marmalade used to be that weird jar you found at the back of grandma’s pantry, but a new breed of cooks are giving it back its zest.

Jane Hasell-McCosh, an international judge for the Australian Marmalade Awards, said modern mixtures for marmalades spanned from 17th-century recipes to modern blends containing more than just oranges.

While traditionalists believe the only true marmalade is made from Seville oranges, others experiment by adding different fruits and flavours like grapefruit, ginger and even whisky.