PLACES WE LOVE: The Locomotive / by Kian West


It's little secret that Newcastle Mirage LOVE coffee and The Locomotive in Mayfield is one of those beautifully different coffee locations that deliver something special for people that enjoy a caffeine hit that is a little less generic. We will admit, it's not for everyone, but that is kind-of the beauty here. They serve up a superior cup using single origin beans from a wide variety of places and always know the details of what they are serving. Always getting excited by fresh tastes and broadening their own, and the customers, pallettes in the process. This is their point of difference. Just like you might do with Wine, and increasingly with beer, their coffee forces you to pick out differing aspects to the flavour. No sugar options and very limited milk variety it really is all about the coffee.Alex_The_Locomotive Place: The Locomotive Address: 160 Maitland Road, Mayfield NSW 2304 Hours: Mon-Fri 6am- 3pm     Sat-Sun 8am-3pm

Why We Love it: As well as the delicious coffee and Naomi Makes treats available, Hamish and Alex are incredibly welcoming people that are clearly passionate about what they are doing. They are one of the biggest stockists of Newcastle Mirage and seem to love our little magazine almost as much as we do. Big community supporters and a unique understanding of WHY they make coffee. Like we say, if you get your coffee from a McCafe you won't enjoy The Locomotive, but if you love coffee and want something different, something more, then they are worth a regular visit.THE_LOCOMOTIVE_2