Who doesn't love a good supergroup? The Highwaymen, The Traveling Wilburys and now Newcastle has its own supergroup in the form of The Alibi Room - Barber and Shaving Parlour. Made up from three of Newcastle's best barbers, The Alibi Room is the new home for Ian Sanders, Scotty Smith and Alex Douglass, who you may remember from our June issue.

Article Originally from Andrew Holmes

 Alibi Room 2

Located in the most enviable of work places, you can find The Alibi Room sharing the same front door as Coal and Cedar, the discreet and highly enjoyable whiskey bar.

The Alibi Room - 380 Hunter Street, Newcastle. (Inside Coal & Cedar)

Hours - Barber and Shaving Parlour Tuesday - Saturday

  Due to this incredible combination of a bar and a barber, the duel establishment is full of hustle and bustle with live music, plenty of beverages and of course, haircuts. Whether you need a trim for a hot date or you just saw Public Enemies and want to look like John Dillinger, Ian, Scotty and Alex can fix you up quick smart and they will make you laugh and enjoy yourself the whole time the do so. The only question you should be asking is, "what's your alibi?"


Alibi Room 1

The Alibi Room -  by appointment or walk-in 380 Hunter Street Instagram - The Alibi Room - @alibiroom Coal and Cedar - @coalandcedar Ian - @colonelludlow Scotty - @scissor__slinger Alex - @alexdouglass