PLACES WE LOVE: Blackbird Corner / by Kian West


A favourite delivery location since basically the beginning on Mirage. We love how they cram so much adorable into such a small space. Blackbird Corner is like the ultimate gift shop, we don't just mean for others, we mean when you need a special treat to make yourself feel great the perfect stop. Everything from luxury bath salts, to quirky amazing magazines, exclusive clothing options, accessories, gift cards, books, everything...Blackbird corner Place: Blackbird Corner Address: 70 Darby Street, Newcastle NSW Hours: Tuesday-Friday 11-5 Plus Saturday 10-3 & Sunday 11-3

Why We Love it: Supporting local and emerging talent is everything to Mirage and feel the same passion resonate through this lovely little shop in the heart of the city. Nici is clearly in love with the street and surrounding as it echoes out through what the store stocks, the communication on social media and her conversations with us in-store. You feel special once you've been in Blackbird Corner and that's why we love it.Blackbirdcorner 2