Out & About Girl - MARCH / by Newcastle Discovered

Every month we ask resident Out & About Girl Kira Jones to give us the hottest of tips for events to be visiting...

Beaumont Street Carnivale

Sunday, 12th March

There’s something about Beaumont Street. And yeah, I’ll say it – something that Darby Street lacks: a bit of grit. A bit of soul. A bit of peculiarity and otherness that one could find in a foreign lover. Beaumont Street Carnivale is the annual event that celebrates the diversity of our oft-forgotten little (but big) sister street. Music, market stalls, art, entertainment and delicious food offerings will take place from 10am.            

Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Exhibition

Newcastle Museum

Runs from now till April

Presented by the Japanese American National Museum, this exhibition displays an array of startling and visceral photographic pieces that showcase Japan’s rich artistic history. The intrinsic link between tattoo and art is explored and challenged. It is interesting to note the extent to which Japan has influenced the modern tattoo and the social constructs that surround the motivations and personas of the people who choose ink as expression.       

 LGBTI Theatre Festival

Friday, 10th March

Tix via lgbtitheatrefest.com

A local theatre festival that aims to provide a platform for queer artists, performers, writers, poets, drag kings and queens to produce and devise original works. One of my Year 10 students told me about this festival, which is not only a testament to the youth I teach, but an indicator of the diversity and multi-faceted nature of the LGBTI community in Newcastle.