Our 3 favourite places for a cocktail / by Newcastle Discovered


 Where do you love to cocktail?

By Crave Newcastle & Melissa Wilson



This place has personality from start to finish, with unique offerings like their salted caramel pina colada that change on a weekly basis based on season. Moneypenny’s quirky charm puts it at the top of our list of places to go for a well made drink. 



Coal and Cedar

Newcastle’s original speakeasy bar. Text the number on the door and you’ll be promptly greeted a handsome bartender. While they have a recommended cocktails list, you’re encouraged to let them know what flavours you like and they’ll create something unique just for you!


Basement on Market St

Famous for their Coconut Key cocktail served in a fresh young coconut, the team of passionate bartenders at Basement recently launched their brand new cocktail menu filled with tipples that are creative, conceptual and interactive."