Novocastrian Talent - Michael Sykes / by Kian West


Newcastle’s foremost live music venue, The Royal Enquiry Hotel & Seafood Grill, sees dozens of local music acts perform every week – many of them good. In order to spread awareness of the wide spectrum of Novocastrian talent, and perhaps connect some music fans with new acts of their liking, we’re sitting down with some of the bands set to play in the upcoming month to garner some insight about the newcastle musical experience. Fetal Collision / Noise / Experimental

Long time proponents of the Newcastle Noise scene, Fetal Collision (formerly “Fecal Commission”) are bringing their particular brand of abrasive sonic experimentation to the Royal Enquiry on the 7th in celebration of the release of their new album “Dying Sun/Dying Son”, an LP recorded entirely by throwing obsolete electrical appliances into an empty abandoned swimming pool and recording the resulting sounds. “It’s a rumination on the transience of commodity,” claims founding band member Bernard Falk. “Also, I have a lot of old appliances and I can’t afford that many trips out to the tip at Wallsend. My ute only carries so much weight before the suspension starts to act up. But mainly that first thing that I just said, the rumination thing.” Fetal Collision will be performing the album live in its entirety, a feat Bernard says is achieved by walking amongst the crowd and showing video of the day on his iPhone. “There’s a great dishwasher solo,” he promises, eyes aglow with the zeal of a man who has both found his artistic niche and saved on exorbitant waste disposal fees. Dying Sun/Dying Son is a limited pressing, available exclusively from the back of Bernard’s ute. He will be tweeting his schedule @fetalfalk for those hoping to catch him.

Buried Sacrament Metal/Hardcore/Metalcore/Hard Metal

Promising metalcore upstarts Buried Sacrament are touring locally in support of their debut EP, “She Bleeds Lies”. The youngsters are on a creative high after winning a refreshingly literal Battle of the Bands held at Gateshead PCYC. “We’re just better fighters I guess,” posits fourth lead guitarist Alex Magnum. Magnum started the band with classmates Stevie Peters and Jayden Cornetto after discovering they all shared the same favourite band. “Parkway Drive,” says Peters, his voice rising with excitement. “We love them. Jayden even stole a street sign near him that says ‘Parkway Drive’ and keeps it on his bedroom wall.” “It said Parkway Lane,” clarifies Cornetto, “but I crossed out the ‘lane’ and wrote ‘drive’ instead. It’s sick as.” The musicians are slower to react when pressed for their second favourite band: “We don’t really have that kind of time,” explains Magnum. The boys conscripted fellow friends and schoolmates to fill out their no-holds- barred metallic assault, with one of them – second guitar tech Lloyd Maxibon – providing the cover art for the EP, a picture of a bruised gothic-styled girl in heavy makeup. “That’s my brother’s girlfriend Lauren, she has sweet face piercings. She’s got this one stud in her cheek that looks like a button, I feel like if I pressed it, the top of her skull would open up and a rocket launcher or something would come out. She won’t let me press it but.” Buried Sacrament can be seen at the Royal Enquiry this Tuesday night, or Saturday evening at Lacey Gould’s 16th birthday party.