NOVECOM publishing live sound readings from beside Newcastle 500 / by Kian West

Newcastle will come alive for the Newcastle 500 and so will the noise readings from one local technology business who are streaming live noise data throughout the event.

Jeremy Pola Novecom


During the Newcastle 500, NOVECOM will be measuring the noise levels at a trackside location throughout the race period. Leaders in environmental monitoring and data management systems for industry, Novecom will be monitoring noise levels and providing a live web feed to demonstrate the technology and opportunities that the “Internet of Things” or IoT and Smart Cities applications can deliver to our community.

Newcastle is doing a lot to be known as a Smart City. Newcastle City Council has a 2030 Community Strategy outlining the vision for the city and the plan for action.

A city that is an “Intelligent Connected Ecosystem” will make it more liveable, people more connected and mobile through providing information and applications that inform people and enable better decision making.

NOVECOM is exploring how we can more effectively capture data and then convert that data into knowledge and action. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase what the business are experts at with a real-world application of sensor based information systems. The website will be live throughout the race weekend from November 24th to 26th here: LINK

NOVECOM has no affiliation with the race organisers or relationship with any parties associated with the event. The primary interest is in using the knowledge of the company in a practical application to contribute to the implementation of the IoT in Smart Cities.

Managing Director at NOVECOM, Jeremy Pola, said he is “excited by the opportunity of showcasing to the public how they are working on migrating their industrial monitoring solutions to community applications” adding that “it’s not often you get the chance to convert complex systems into practical examples that can contribute to the knowledge of the broader community. I’m keen to see the results and learn from the experience along with our team.”

NOVECOM is located at 7 Riverside Drive, Mayfield West NSW.

NOVECOM BLOG with more information: HERE

Jeremy Pola Novecom Newcastle 500