Novastream Reviews - September / by Kian West


MOVIE × LucyThere is an annoying trait in some films that when the ending is so heinously bad it ruins everything you thought was once good about the whole film. This is mostly true for Lucy, except the rest of film was not all that great, which makes the terrible ending seem so much worse. I really wish I had better things to say. But does Lucy really deserve it? Well, yes for ScarJo, but no for everything else. Review by Ben Turner MOVIE × Deliver Us From Evil Deliver Us From Evil doesn’t know quite what it wants to be – it’s not the horror it was marketed as, rather it’s more of a crime/thriller with a healthy dose of exorcism. And a family drama. And there’s a bit of action… Even though it’s a little disjointed, Deliver Us From Evil is still a good time for those who enjoy a bit of a scare, and is far from schlocky. Forgettable, but an entertaining bit of fun for those who enjoy films of a similar nature. Review by Elizabeth Muir

MOVIE × Hercules Yes, it’s bloated. Yes, sometimes all you can see is dollar signs in the studios eyes. Yes, The Rock’s biceps are so huge they should have their own moon orbiting them. Despite all of its stereotypes and ‘Hollywood-ness’, Hercules does actually have some redeeming qualities – and was better than the mainstream mess this reviewer was anticipating. You don’t get to the end of Hercules and feel like the time dragged, which is always a good sign that entertainment was lurking in there somewhere, but it’s certainly not intellectually stimulating content. Could have been worse, could have been better. Review by Elizabeth Muir Game × The Last Of Us Remastered [PS4] Naughty Dog have delivered their first next gen game with a remastered version of the highly praised, highly sold and highly played The Last Of Us, which came out towards the end of the PS3 life cycle. I guess what you want to know is the game the same as the PS3 version? Yes. Does it come with all of the DLC, maps etc? Yes. Review by Alaisdair Dewar

Game × Gravity Rush [PS Vita]Gravity-Rush_grey Is it too early to call it retro? Well, maybe… but never the less this stunning PS vita launch title shows the power and simplicity of the Vita all in one. A fully-fledged adventure title on a handheld device, in a comic-esque art style with an interesting central character and pinpoint controls. The game launched alongside the Vita back in 2012 and has many early adopters excited yet skeptical, the latter quickly flushed away as reviews and impressions started to flow in. Review by Jamie Heeley tv × The Strain [FX/Foxtel] FX premiered its much-hyped TV horror series The Strain, following on from the mammoth success of American Horror Story from Ryan Murphy, the studio has invested with the master of horror Guillermo Del Toro to adapt the books he wrote to a cable television series The Strain. A mixture of drama and horror, this show is full of scares, gore and good old-fashioned Del Toro humour resulting in one of the best pilots I have seen this summer. For the full reviews and all your pop culture info head over to