MOVIE × WOLF CREEK 2 Mick Taylor is back 9 years later to deliver a more brutal and blood-thirsty sequel, set in the outback with spectacular special effects, an outstanding cast and more blood and horror than any other film has delivered in a few years. Definitely check this one out! Review by Alaisdair Dewar MOVIE × AUSTENLAND There are two things every chick flick should have: A likable lead actress and funny lines to lighten the mood. Austenland has both. Fans of Jane Austen and those who love romantic comedies will enjoy this delightful treat. Austenland is filled with laughs, inspiring hope and of course, those regency-styled gowns. Review by Jessica Tisdell GAME × THE LEGO MOVIE / THE VIDEO GAME Apart from a horrible title, the game puts players right in the action following the events of the movie. For those of us in Australia who are yet to see the movie, there are a few things that are spoiled (only the main story). I have not enjoyed a Lego game this much since Lego City Undercover. The combination of next gen graphics, a well woven story, and the integration of the lego build system all combine to make this one of my favourite Lego games so far. Review by Alaisdair Dewar GAME × THE LAST OF US / LEFT BEHIND Left Behind tells two tales side by side; both the story of Ellie and Riley’s activities the day they were infected and what happened when Ellie was left to fend for herself after Joel’s injury at the University of Eastern Colorado. The former is the most interesting aspect of the two, allowing players to learn more about the girl they cared for not so long ago, whilst the latter is mostly reserved for enemy encounters. Review by Ray Standen GAME × TOMB RAIDER / THE DEFINITIVE EDITION Getting straight to the bones of it, this is the best game available on “Next Gen” consoles, and that’s saying something. I never played the 360 or PS3 versions as there was too much out for me at the time but I made sure I hit it this time. Now I know why everyone loves this game so much. It’s so raw and intense. This is a reboot of the best kind. Lara is having her innocence timely tested here like she would never have dreamed of. MUSIC × BEYONCE / BEYONCE Beyonce did that thing where she surprised everyone by releasing an album with no promo, and FINALLY you can buy it in CD format. There is a bonus DVD with videos to every song and a few behind the scenes clips. This is worth every cent! One of the best rnb/pop albums in a VERY long time.