Novastream - reviews - February / by Kian West


MOVIE × JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUITJack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an action/espionage film starring studio favourite Chris Pine (Star Trek: Into Darkness) tasked with rebooting Paramount’s rights to the bestselling Tom Clancy novels after their previous films were met with reasonable financial success. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is very nearly average! Review by Mark Halyday MOVIE × FREE BIRDS This movie leaves me with a sense of complete and utter waste. Seriously. I had a hundred puns and jokes about how the film was a complete and utter turkey and, based on the critical reception of others (emphasis on critical), I was fully prepared to use them. Armed and ready for a movie for a movie I was prepared to hate, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing out loud like a lunatic for the vast majority of the film. It wasn’t just the eggs that were cracking up. Review by Ross James GAME × BROKEN AGE Broken Age is the point-and-click adventure game developed by Double Fine on the back of their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. The game has been in development for nearly two years, it ran into budget problems, and as a result Double Fine decided to split the game and deliver it as two acts. This is a very polished game that looks, sounds and probably tastes beautiful. The end product is kinda short, with puzzles that were a little too straight forward, but the story of this game had no trouble charming the pants off me. Review by Ryan Lawler GAME × HALO SPARTAN ASSAULT It is quite enjoyable for a short run through with some time to kill if you don’t feel like a few hours of gaming and just want your fix. There isn’t much to say about the gameplay besides that the difficulty can ramp up quite sharply and be unexpected, which can be a little jarring. The graphics are nice for what it is and the cutscenes are done in a storybook, cinematic way that compliments the game overall. Review by Chunt SINGLE × INTO THE BLUE / KYLIE MINOGUE Ah Kylie, one of our best and brightest is BACK! With a new label (Jay Z’s Roc Nation) with a dance infused pop track that will be sure to flood commercial radio. The song is catchy and should ensure another hit for our Kylie. Definitely a summer tune! Review by Alaisdair Dewar inb9s7SINGLE × CAN’T REMEMBER TO FORGET YOU / SHAKIRA FT. RIHANNA This should have been renamed to “I Can’t Wait To Forget You”. Two pop-stars desperate for some light back in the lime have joined forces to help fans try and remember who the hell they are, unfortunately this boring and formulaic pop song is forgettable, which means it is destined to be a number 1 hit! Review by Alaisdair Dewar