NOVASTREAM - Reviews April / by Newcastle Discovered


MOVIE × RIDE ALONGThe film follows the same over-used formula that writers continuously rehash and just re-brand with new Hollywood actors. There’s always the good cop and the bad cop. An indifference they must overcome for the partnership to work and a few funny situations they somehow get caught in. Review by Jessica Tisdell MOVIE × VERONICA MARS Veronica Mars, we all know the story, cancelled show on The CW, resurrected by its fans on Kickstarter, well the movie is finally here and while fans are running rampant high on Mars energy, the rest of us are being introduced to Veronica Mars. The film does its best to leave no-one out, so if you have never seen the show it doesn’t matter. The film has some amazing writing combined with some action and comedy with an impressive and passionate cast whose love for this world emanates through the screen. Review by Alaisdair Dewar Read the full reviews online at GAME × TITANFALL [XBOX ONE] Titanfall is a welcome addition to my XboxOne library. Playing the game itself is such a satisfyingly enjoyable turn that I totally forget the lack of campaign and I feel like I’m just playing a multiplayer shooter. Pilots, Titan suits, massively detailed words with tons of FPS online play? SIGN ME UP! Review by Chunt GAME × SOUTH PARK THE STICK OF TRUTH [PS3, XBOX 360, PC] Matt and Trey have been making the beloved TV show for 17 Seasons, 17 years and still they provide us with hilarious giggles every single episode and I am happy to confirm that whilst it must have been challenging they have managed to successfully keep that same trademark humour in place for the duration of the game. Any of you who have yet to experience this mind bogglingly funny game should go out and buy it now. Review by Jamie Heeley GAME × INFAMOUS SECOND SON [PS4] The first big exclusive for the new console delivers an immersive and rich single player semi-sequel to the Infamous series. Players will get lost in the rich and detailed version of Seattle with three sets of powers to absorb, citizens to save and a new villainess to destroy. Meet Deslin, artist, teenager, hipster douche who does his best to make you like him while discovering how super powers have changed the world This is a MUST HAVE for any PS4 owner! Review by Alaisdair Dewar Read the full reviews online at MUSIC × KISS ME ONCE / KYLIE MINOGUE Aussie’s pop princess is back with a new label and a new album! While you may have seen her very sexy new video “Sexercise” on social media, the rest of the album is a bit of a grower. The sound is still pop but very basic, it even feels like it is trying to be some of her older stuff but really watered down. There is no new ground broken here, no new sound or a pop revolution, which is disappointing. It is pleasant enough and warrants a listen, but this goes down as the most disappointing Kylie album in years. MUSIC × GIRL / PHARRELL WILLIAMS Ah ‘Happy’ the song I NEVER want to hear again (thanks radio!) but Williams cashes in with only his second solo album in a career that began in the 90’s with groups like N.E.R.D and guest appearances with Robin Thicke, Kelis etc. Williams delivers a pretty standard pop album, this easy listening collection is more a homage to his past than something to be marvelled at in the present. Fans will love, others will pass.