Newcastle's Own Bubble Tea Bar, by Brooke Tunbridge / by Brooke Tunbridge

Tucked away just behind Glebe Road, you’ll find Bubble Tea Bar, a unique addition to the Merewether cafe scene. The black and white Bubble Tea Bar trailer has been set up in the spot for only a few weeks, although you may have already spotted it at local markets on the weekends. The trailer sits in front of a giant mural, making good use of the car park space it’s located in.

Mural painted by Kate Lorin Wilson

Mural painted by Kate Lorin Wilson

Serving a range of hot and cold beverages: bubble teas as well as coffee and hot chocolate bubbles, customers are given the choice of “cow’s milk”, almond, coconut, soy- or none, with something for everyone. Pair the drink with a delicious snack, such as the homemade vegan peanut butter and chocolate treat I enjoyed, and it’s even better (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it). There are a few chairs scattered around if you want to hang out, although its location makes it incredibly convenient to pick-up and takeaway as you go about your day.

After asking the lovely staff for recommendations (including Emma, who made the vegan treat herself), I decided on the chai latte bubble tea, with milk. It was my first time trying bubble tea and it won me over from my first sip! It was an explosion of flavour as the bubbles burst. While I loved the chai, I think my favourite was the peach bubble tea, which I tried without milk. If you’re indecisive like myself and somehow find menu’s and what seems to be an overwhelming amount of options intimidating, tell the staff what you do/don’t like and they’ll make a recommendation.  

The hot drinks would be perfect for winter, the hot chocolate bubbles will definitely be the next thing I try when I return. I predict that the bubble tea mural will be popping up all over your Instagram feed soon enough, so maybe check it out for yourself before the foodies post about it.

For the environmentally conscious consumers, don’t fret, the bubble tea bar sells reusable stainless-steel straws so you can enjoy your drink guilt free (I was so excited to see these). Next time you’re around Merewether and wanting to try somewhere new (don’t be boring), head to the Bubble Tear Bar, or catch them at markets over the weekend!

Bubble Tea Bar
Open Monday – Thursday 7am – 3:30pm
200 Glebe Road Merewether

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