Newcastle's New Smart City Strategy / by Jessica Moog

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.21.24 PM.png

The Newcastle City Council has recently developed a strategy aimed at enhancing the interactivity and innovative nature of our already wonderful city. The strategy was adopted by the council on the 22nd August and is currently in full swing.

The Newcastle Smart City Strategy 2017 – 2021 is a collaborative strategic planning document that will guide Council and a wide range of stakeholders and partners towards a smart and innovative future.

You may be wondering what a smart city actually is. Well, the Newcastle City Council define it as a place that ‘enjoys smart and digitally connected public and urban infrastructure’, as well as one that ‘works to develop a thriving ecosystem to drive innovation and creativity’.

The strategy has been made in association with the government, the community, and various public sectors. The core focus of the project is to develop a roadmap for generating a smarter and more creative Newcastle and Hunter Region, as well as to maximise opportunities as they are presented in sectors including technology, advanced manufacturing, the digital economy and the creative industries. 

Some main objectives of the plan include:

  • Identifying collective vision and principles to guide Newcastle as a smart and innovative city
  • Identifying strategic themes and actions for enabling Newcastle as a smart and innovative city
  • Reviewing, collating and integrating existing work from a variety of sources that is relevant to Newcastle and the Hunter Region as a smart innovative city
  • Engaging with key partners, stakeholders and the general community
  • Identifying relationships with existing and upcoming revitalisation and renewal projects.

The strategy makes a sneaky mention regarding the introduction of free public WiFi throughout the whole of Newcastle, so let's hope it all goes swimmingly!

View the Council's announcement on their website.