Newcastle; The Place to Be! by Piper Butcher / by Newcastle Discovered

Newcastle is a place for the big, small, tiny or tall. The many adventures you can take and the extraordinary endeavours you may approach upon, open your heart and soul to fully adore Newcastle.

I believe the strong admiration that I have for this town, particularly comes from the fun experiences and connections I have made with people in Newcastle’s lively setting.

Image by @studioqube via Instagram 

Image by @studioqube via Instagram 

The festivals that are held in town fit this brief immensely, as many of the celebrations cater for all age enjoyment. The Newcastle Pride festival this year was a great showcase of entertainment and hospitality. The ambience there was incredible and full of beaming and smiling faces, which to me represents how excited and open the community was to embrace this event. I loved that everybody was happy and that different types of people could come and connect freely.

Along Darby Street lies a community garden filled with flowers, herbs and love. This is such a thoughtful act of kindness that contributes to my love of Newcastle. The fact that many volunteers devoted their time and effort into this garden makes me feel very wholesome that our neighbourhood is looking out for us.

In addition to this little garden, Darby Street is home to many different restaurants and cuisines. I absolutely love going out to dinner and walking along here, and along Beaumont Street and smelling the exciting foreign flavours in the air. I think that’s just something that everyone can enjoy without even thinking; spending a night out and tasting new exotic flavours around town. Along with cuisine, Newcastle has a large variety of Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free cafes and restaurants, which is very important as a vast amount of people do not eat meat or suffer from food intolerances.

Newcastle is home to a broad amount of venues that support live music. As a musician myself, I respect Newcastle for the number of opportunities that I receive to display my passion. I believe that live music should stay strong, as do a large part of the community. With the number of venues and passionate supporters in the Newcastle district, I expect that live music will be forever appreciated.


With these reasons in mind, I believe this is what life should be. Beautiful people, picturesque views and a great environment. This is why I love Newcastle.