Newcastle, star of new crime-thriller film: Dark Waters / by Kian West

We have a habit of spitting out our fair share of global musical, theatrical and general creative talent but who knew our city was a star in her own right? Some of us probably did and that's surely the reason Newcastle has provided the backdrop for the new Australian made film Dark Waters

“I’m amazed more productions companies haven’t capitalized on the locations, great weather, parking and no airplanes overhead makes it just right for film.”
— Alexandra McTavish

“The region offers an exciting visual canvas to explore the beauty of the region and the Hunter’s vibrant industrial past. The fact that we have found almost all of our cast and crew here is a bonus!” said Director (and Producer), Alexandra McTavish. “We shot a difficult crime scene on the steel river in 42 degree heat and absolutely everyone, including our dedicated extras, were still smiling several hours later…If you ask me, the greatest asset of the region is it’s people.”

Dark Waters, is a neo noir visceral film where character and location rule. In just ten minutes, Dark Waters explores just how far someone will go to save himself.
Small time crim, Jimmy Moretti’s ambitions are thwarted when he is arrested as an accessory to murder by local cops, Tom Hansen and Ada Wilke. Chloe Moretti has always backed her brother, right or wrong, and her seduction of Hansen is a dangerous play to secure his freedom with tragic consequences.
Newcastle city, Maitland Gaol and Wangi Wangi on Lake Macquarie are just some of the locations being used to tell this gritty crime thriller.