Newcastle loves to debate the best solution for transport in our city. This article is not aiming to begin afresh, although we do love to instigate heavy debate about what would work.
To Mirage, well, at least from me, the perspective is simply that we have moved too far ahead with the new Interchange / light rail solution to reverse this and as such we should move on to the next chapter and continue to support inner-city businesses as our city transforms. 

I spoke recently with Mark Kentwell of PRD Nationwide, who believes that Newcastle is 2 1/2 years into the best 10 years ever! I'm inclined to agree with this position. 

There are so many businesses looking at the current problem and creating jobs to solve it. Lynch's Hub looks set to open soon and it is rumoured they will have bike solutions available.

One of my favourites is BYKKO. Across the summer 2016-17, they held a trial with their Electric Bike station in Newcastle West and had an amazing response from more than 60 trial participants. Similar to the bike hubs scattered around Brisbane, except 10x better, these Electric Bikes were pedal assisted so you didn't need to get sweaty and could travel a significant distance across the city. Imagine having hubs across the inner-city landscape so you could hire from one location, travel to the next and dock the bike close by.

All of a sudden we don't need as much inner-city parking, we need more accessible public transport solutions. Much of Newcastle is relatively flat, pedal power might be part of our future.