The past few months in my house have been a debate on merit for quite a few Solar companies. I can see now why so many people haven't added solar to their homes, it is quite confusing as most companies have a slightly different offering that means direct comparisons are difficult. 
Then there is so much conflicting information as to what you really need.

Solar power solutions Newcastle

It seems crazy because at the face of it, shouldn't solar be really simple? I want some solar panels on my roof to capture natures energy and convert that to electricity I can use in place of purchasing power off the power grid, thus saving me some money.

This is definitely not a promoted post and I certainly recommend that people do their research and find the option that suits you. 

I found GoSolar and Wayne was the furthest from being a salesman. A real technician at heart, you could tell he loved speaking about the technology they are using because it was exciting to him. They were the only ones that could guarantee that what I purchased now would be able to easily have additions made to it. 
Solar power is such an accessible power option, people just need to look up to see how it can help them.