Newcastle of the Future: Driverless Cars 6 years away? / by Kian West

Earlier this week ABC NEWS reported that we may see 'Transport as a service' in the next 6 years.

"Tony Seba, Stanford lecturer, author and self-described thought leader, is not one to prognosticate lightly. Seba — a "chief disruptor" with over 20 years experience in venture capital, business entrepreneurship and clean energy technologies — has a message for commuters tired of traffic jams. 
Seba predicts that by 2024, the whole concept of individually owned cars will be obsolete. The internal combustion engine will cease to be competitive with electric motors. Car dealerships will cease to exist. Global demand for oil will plummet, and so will its price. And by 2030, 95 percent of US auto miles will be travelled by autonomous, on-demand electric vehicles.
The automotive and oil industries as we now know them will collapse. Read on..."

Imagine Newcastle in 6 years, it is 2023 and cars are driving in and out of the city delivering people to their destination. No longer do we need to complain about inadequate parking in the city. By 2030, just 7 more years, no one owns a car, we share them.
In less than 350 weeks this future could be our reality. Not so far away really.