Newcastle Discovered - April 2014 / by Newcastle Discovered


There’s nothing like songs that speak to the people and make you want to get lost listening to every track.Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s single Thrift Shop is the first single to reach number one  in the U.S since 1994 without the help of major label company. The immediate success of their album The Hiest snatched them up four grammy awards including best new artist and best rap album. On 5th March, approximately 4000 fans of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis gathered at the Newcastle Entertainment to watch the American Rapper. Melbourne’s Producer and DJ, Joel Fletcher began the night off by playing his trade electric beats. Fletcher managed to get the crowd jumping and ‘Swinging’ to Fletcher’s popular remix of Savage’s hit song. Headling their first own show in Australia, Ben and Ryan were more than eager to get the patry started. As the words ‘The Hiest’ light up, it was not long before  the guys entered the stage and like all concerts, the crowd screamed with all their might. Macklemore started with the touching song Ten Thousand Hours and  then went on to perform his other hits, including, Thrift Shop, Can’t Hold Us , Same Love and White Walls. The rapper shared a tale with his audience about being in Australia and wanting more than ever to go swimming with a great White Shark. With a little video intros and costume changes,   Macklemore showed off his theatrical side and some dance moves with his sassy female back up dancers. Even the African American singer, Ray Dalton featured in Can’t Hold Us and Thrift Shop made an appearance for both songs. Dalton and Macklemore took the time to greet the fans standing in moshpit which resulted in rush for the front to touch the artists. During one of Macklemore’s last songs, he proceeded to climb the barrier between him and the fans to crowd surf. Let’s just say, he probably immediately regreted it. The overall atmosphere was amazing and looking up at the explosion of confetti, all I could think was “I’m definitely going to buy tickets to their next show”.