Newcastle Discovered - March / by Newcastle Discovered


Genesis Fitness Clubs all over Newcastle have just started an inspiring 12 week challenge to transform bodies and change habits to improve the health of our lives. I am one of these bodies who when writing this is feeling like a sucker. I have quartered my daily food intake and am doing triple the amount of exercise I normally would. What the hell is happening to me?

This morning I had oats with chopped up banana, honey, and low fat milk. Seriously, I just wanted to put it in a trough and shove my snout in and eat it all up (I am currently being fitted for horse shoes!). Lunch involves salad and a little bit of chicken (if I’m lucky!) and then dinner is a portion the size of the palm of my hand. Dear God, what crazy world am I living in?

I have found myself living in a crazy world of a healthy person. I know this sounds bizarre and very matter of fact, but it is true. I can feel my stomach slowly shrinking and being satisfied with the pitiful amount of food offered to it with every meal. Everytime I work out and I push myself as hard as I can, I can feel my body getting stronger, and all though I whinge (A LOT) about all of this and the above, I can feel that this is one of the best things I have ever done.

A lot of us are extremely unhappy with our bodies, actually it can probably be summed up to say that everyone at some stage is, or has been, unhappy with their body. It is ultimately up to us what we do. I am so grateful to the people that become trainers and are there to help people like us pick up the pieces and put our bodies back together again. I started out at 101.8 kgs and am already down to 98 (hopefully more by the time this goes to print!). If you are debating over your body and need some inspiration, come to boot camp with me! Saturday mornings at Nobbys Beach, 8am! It’s only $15 and I guarantee it will motivate you to change your life! Register your interest in Boot Camp at