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There is nothing like the connection that music can bring into peoples lives. For Musician and business owner Crocqhenri Lucero it’s one of his favourite things about performing on stage. 1974986_10152046242139613_955979644_n Since the age of 14, CRocQ has been singing and performing for the last 7 years. That’s no thanks to his talented mother, Vivian Lucero, and uncle, Rafael Sabarre, who have been performing about Newcastle as the ‘Talk of the Town’ for more than 25 years. CRocQ recalls the enriching experiences of growing up with performing family which built his foundation and love for music to this day, from entertaining, celebrating and maintaining a great party atmosphere. Besides vocals, CRocQ plays the drums, guitar, piano and occasionally percussion. He performs as a solo act, in a trio or duo with amazing pianist, Alama Amosa. Despite only being in his late 20s, CRocQ has completed a Bachelor of Information Science and has started his own web design business called CrocqDesign. In his spare time, you will find him performing at weddings, local gigs and writing songs for his upcoming album. While you can only imagine the beautiful weddings CRocQ gets to witness but not join, he said he just loves to see others having a good time. “There is nothing like the feeling that other people are connecting with you without even knowing them or have even previously having a word/conversation with them. It’s something money can’t buy, truly priceless,” he said. With only connections through friends and family, Mr Lucero also seems to pick up jobs through word-of-mouth or from previous performances. When asked what the most requested song is at wedding functions, CRocQ was sure it had to be ‘Angel’ by Shaggy. Who doesn’t love a little bit of Shaggy? Mr Lucero has also written a number of original songs with an array of local Newcastle artists from Daniel March, Alama Amosa, Rone Jone, Tom Desiel, Anna Milat, Kylie Jane, Komiti Lavai, Clipper City Crew, BlacqV, Relevent, Dj Fuel, and more recently, Dj Patsan, with their new release, ‘Break it down’, which was recently released in the UK and is set to be released in Australia Feb/March. After finishing university in 2006, CrocQ, inspired by a final project he did while studying, started his own business that he claims is catered to a set of boutique client groups. CrocQ said the difference between CrocqDesign and others is that there will be someone to talk to and contact. “I always say to people I have the best clients in the world,” he said. “They have been great and the response has been amazing. We are managing just off 40 Clients now, so it’s forever growing and evolving.” In a busy world, CrocQ says try not to work too hard and if you do, balance it out, “it’s all about the balance. Sleep when you have to and make time for your loved ones.” He plans to release his debut album in the near future and possibly move towards the hospitality industry to open a small wine bar within the Newcastle area. You can usually catch Crocq Lucero playing at the Junction Hotel, The Winner is Oscars (Hunter Valley), Bar Petite, Honeysuckle Hotel and Lizottes. Upcoming Shows: Australia Day: 26th Jan @ Honeysuckle Hotel Beer And Craft Festival: 22nd Feb @ Honeysuckle Hotel

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Article by Jessica Tisdell