Newcastle Discovered - Bringing Some Soul Back To The City / by Newcastle Discovered


Opening a cafe in the Newcastle CBD precinct seems to be the thing to do these days, and with so many popping up all over the city, we really are getting a little spoiled for choice with places to eat. I was on my regular food run when I stumbled across Soul Foods, the new residents of the old KFC building. My first concern was could they get the stench of over cooked chicken out of that building (you will be happy to know they have completely!)

The interior is beautifully decorated with comfortable art deco chairs, a tea bar and fully stocked deli with freshly made sandwiches, salads, muffins, and many tasty morsels that you will not be able to resist before you leave.

Arriving in the morning, breakfast was on the cards. Rye toast with avocado, lime, and cracked pepper, topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, fetta and chorizo -all perfectly portioned.

After inhaling a Piccolo Latte served in an antique shot glass, my eyes turned to the house-made sipper. Lemon and Ginger blended together in a hot tea mix that is by far the best thing I have ever tasted in Newcastle.

The staff are efficient and friendly, without being over-bearing. They clearly have a passion for fresh and beautiful food which they deliver effortlessly. In addition to this Soul Foods are participating in Dine Smart, an initiative that donates 100% of profits to homeless in the Newcastle area.

Soul Foods are encouraging a donation of $2 per table (more if you want to) and it’s a great incentive to be a part of it.

Overall this experience is one of the finest we have had in Newcastle and will definitely become a regular spot for fine food that feels guilt free.

Soul Foods in located in the old KFC building, 227 Hunter Street, Newcastle.

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