Newcastle Coffee Snobs x Core Espresso / by Newcastle Discovered

There’s a little space between the butcher and general store on Darby Street that has been many things in the past, and is now Core Espresso. Being on the ‘eat street’, there are a lot of expectations before anyone walks in the door. On a sunny July morning, the Coffee Snobs brought just that!


Parking was tight; it was market day in Civic Park, so we arrived a little tense and in need of a coffee already. One thing you will notice as soon as you walk in the door is a smiling barista busily measuring, frothin’, and pouring their heart out. On this particular Saturday, it was an all-male cast and the beard game on these baristas was strong; one Snob even gave extra points for this.


We ordered the usual round whilst ogling the impressive selection not just in the drinks, but also the food menu. Each coffee that came out scored full points, making them top contender, even at the halfway point, for the coveted title of Newcastle Coffee Snobs Café of the Year. Core toes the line of coffee sins with a salted caramel latte – however, once it was tasted, it gained approval for being both super sweet and delicious.


Having a barista like Nathaniel James on board means every coffee question we threw his way got answered, and the latte art was a beautiful love letter from Fanwah to the consumer, with swans and tulips caressing the surface tension.


The matcha green tea latte looked ominous with its shock of green colouring and milky swirls. It was popular on its own as an alternative to coffee, but tied with an espresso shot, even the hardest Coffee Snob of us all gave it full points – so give it a try when you’re next at Core.


Saving the best ’til last, we watched the magician weave his magic with a Chemex pour-over served in a big hourglass-like beaker and served straight up at our table. This blend of three single origins, courtesy of The Branches Roasters up north in Mullumbimby, was epic as a filter. Praised as an all-day beverage you could sip and not get tired of, our expectations of this small café amongst cafés were blown out of the water and then some.


The filter brought us all together and left us with no uncertainty that Core is a hidden gem amongst a slew of already established bars on the street. You’re welcome.


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