Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Wickham Boatshed / by Michelle Kot

An area that was once exclusively car yards and industry, Wickham and the west end are touted to become the ‘new CBD’ of Newcastle – not just a way to get to and fro by bus, train, car or boat.

swiss roll and mac

For the well-to-do, it’s a place to park their super yachts and gurney the deck before heading out. But if you’ve got no nautical inclination, just a coffee craving, thank heavens you don’t need your dingy to get to Wickham Boatshed.

On the particular day we visited the Boatshed, the weather gods weren’t on our side. It was an overcast, drizzly morning, but that didn’t stop a good swell of people washing up into this newly established eatery. Everywhere you look, there’s nautical décor and lots of super-friendly staff, plus a rare treasure for Newcastle: Sydney’s Single O smashing through the grinder.

One Snob in our group likes to pace herself when it comes to the volume of coffee she consumes, ordering a small latte, and another has the heart of an ox and orders a large. But there’s quite literally millilitres in difference between the two here, which left us scratching our heads a bit.

As a macchiato, the Single O shone bright, with an initial tongue-tickling zing then a super mellow drop throughout the milk-stained goodness. The flatty was strong and clean with minimal aftertaste, and all up we loved the coffee. Our brunch options were another story – Goldilocks’ worst nightmare comes true here with cold porridge, and there’s an interesting take on corn fritters. A pleasant surprise, though, was the tasty morsel of a Nutella Swiss roll, warmed up and served with ice cream and cream. So just expect the unexpected when ordering your meal – and if you’re vegan, you’ll spoilt for choice.

If you’re considering coming on a super sunny day, plan ahead and book as they get quite busy. But even on the grey day we visited there was still a steady flow, with an 80th birthday bash and plenty of young families braving the unseasonal chill.

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