Cast your minds back to the inaugural Supercars weekend in Newcastle; where were you? Not everyone was trackside, and for a small gaggle of Coffee Snobs, we were at another car-themed place that was much more serene: United Speed Café, Georgetown. It’s in the back streets so it’s unlikely you’ll stumble upon it, but the locals absolutely love it – and we can see why.

United speed cafe georgetown newcastle

Local award-winning roasters Cherry Seed Coffee Roasters have put their beans to this combined family business. Natalia and a small crew run the coffees from a little caravan outside, and inside are the big, beautiful vintage cars that her husband Ryan lovingly tends to. The place has a bit of a Happy Days vibe with no wicker chairs or oversized light pendants in sight. It’s all metal signs, merchandise galore, and authentic Brazilian cheese bread that is worth the trip alone. While there are no meals, there are a few tasty slices and some super healthy and funnily named smoothies (‘Avo-cardio’ anyone?). All this is served by a lady with the biggest smile in the business and an accent that would make you want to travel.

Takeaway cups are irksome if you’re sitting in and love the environment, but the coffee inside is pretty satisfying. The long black was smoky and mellow and the latte was pretty top-notch, with no troubling aftertaste.

If you visit during the week it’s standing room only as the garage is all business, but on the weekends the tables are rolled out and you can get your vintage fix, sit and chat while remembering about that tire you’ve got to look at.