Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. The Barn / by Michelle Kot

Every now and then you find a café that doesn’t have a complicated, coded, punny name and just calls it like it is. The Barn at Adamstown does exactly that, and it’s catching on as a foodie haven, according to the herds inside. The friendly owners used to run the funky Bondwood travelling van on the front lawn, but now they’ve moved inside to roost, making it a bespoke home of live music, big group tables and community vibes.

the crew The Barn

We shuffled around to get a good table – come at a certain time of day and the sun will scorch your face off while you dine, but find the right one amongst the hodgepodge of retro lounges and sit tight for laid-back brunching. You have a very generous menu to choose from, with healthy bowls and big pancakes of joy as well as a few little beverage quirks that seem to be the thing now – like ‘beetroot latte’ and Kevlar coffee. The kitchen and front of house work well with the limited space they’ve been allocated, although seeing our coffees sitting at the pass had some impatient Snobs reaching to self-serve.

Another thing we love besides a good moniker is a locally roasted coffee! The Barn serves up something bold and brashy from its next suburb over, roaster Crema Coffee Garage, sticking to the mellow undertones that made the van such a local favourite.

Grab a book and leave one at the community bookshelf, or bliss out from the lofty tunes – just get into the Barn to join the pack.

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