Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. SOTOS Tea & Coffee Bar / by Newcastle Discovered

Last month, at the recommendation of Ryan’s dad and some aggressive self-promotion, the Coffee Snobs visited somewhere a little outside the geographical norm for us; Sotos Tea & Coffee Bar on Evans Street Belmont.

For a little place bam in the middle of suburbia, they’re pretty modern, with web orders making for some happy regulars who are short on time, but craving their coffee fix. For us, we had lots of time. So we sat in the little courtyard outside at an eclectic amalgam of tables and barrels and enjoyed the jazzy tunes wafting out from the nearby hub.

The building was an old shop circa 1950’s and has been many things before it was Sotos.

A guy across the road took a photo, it took a year from concept to coffee and the name came upon awakening one morning to owner Tracey. ‘Sotos’ means a lot of things, including a type of Zen Buddhist meditation, like drinking tea, and can also mean hella cool and to have familial pride according to Urban Dictionary. Everyone’s a winner!

Local legends, Serious Deliria, are reppin’ the cold brew on tap just inside the door. Even more spectacular and buzz-inducing is nitro-infused cold brew, like a big ol’ frothy that confounds and entertains all at once!

Furthermore, at Sotos, there’s things on every surface mostly for sale, like cushions, tea, ice cream and slices.

Their coffee, from Silverskin Roasters, polarised the usually agreeable coffee snobs, however. Milky drinks were on point with a lovely solid punch going down a treat, whilst the black needed to be pulled again to be delicious and warm. The food was yum and the theme unusual, but overall we felt like a lot of love goes into your experience here. If you’re not satisfied, Tracey will not let you leave until you are.

Sotos scored extra points for a very hyperactive and totally adorable fluffy white doggo bouncing around our feet before being carried off by a neighbour to his doggy home. 

So take the detour off the highway and experience a little slice of coffee heaven (or tea if that’s your thing) at Sotos.

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