Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Roule by Maillot Juane / by Michelle Kot

Roule by Maillot Juane

Whether you roll in on two wheels, four or your own two hooves, the first thing you’ll notice about Roulé by Maillot Juane is its Millennium Falcon-like machine on the bench: The Slayer. Owners Mark and Dave know that in Australia milk-based coffee is king; this machine caters to that and is the first of its kind on the market.

Roulé is attached to Drift Bike Shop Kotara and ‘Maillot Juane’, or ‘yellow jersey’, is a nod to the cycling community – because we all know the MAMILs love their coffee. It’s their fuel.

Visitors will be captivated by the aesthetics of white tiling and friendly staff. Even though the casual dine-in menu isn’t meant to overshadow the coffee, it’s still raved about by the Snobs who have worked up an appetite being… Snobby.

A cheekily named ‘The Threesome’ on the coffee menu catches my eye. It’s single origin three ways – espresso, latte and batch brew – with a mineral water palette cleanser; this is a coffee lover’s dream. Who cares if you don’t sleep for a few days?

And if we didn’t love this place enough already, the Secret Book Stuff fairy had visited and one book-loving Snob scored some lovely free literary swag. Oh shucks, Newcastle!

It was humbling to be so warmly accommodated; even though we broke Roulé’s group visit record, everything still came out as advertised and lovely. Get on your bike and get down there!

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