Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Pickled & Pressed / by Newcastle Discovered

If you’re like us and either just came back from a very indulgent overseas trip or your Christmas was just a little bit too merry, you need a healthy detox. Our first Snobbing event has found that for you!

Pickled and Pressed at The Junction is four months old and rockin’ a little nook on Glebe Road that so many other cafés have rocked before (next to the shops and opposite the big palm trees). But unlike the others, P&P seem to know what this neighbourhood is about: all things fresh, healthy, upcycled, organic and renewable, big out-of-control plants and hipster chic.

The furniture, floorboards and dessert fridge are likely a joyous find from council clean-up days and even the ants are assiduous enough to coordinate carrying your crumbs away for you. The stainless steel straws are a surprise, but there’s a sign for that: the earth loves them! Every wooden surface and fixture inside looks lovely, but take a seat out back and be even more tickled pink by the mesmerising Border Collie/Husky café dog, Luca. Just try to resist looking into those eyes and not falling deeply in love despite his polite dedication to helping you eat your meal when it comes.

As the name suggests, P&P grow, press and pickle a lot on-site, with a menu free of gluten, dairy, animal products, refined sugars and preservatives – which had us thinking great coffee may not be a priority here, but good news: it definitely is.

You can still get cow’s milk in your coffee and eggs can be ordered in a secret squirrel off-menu kind of way. The Coffee Snobs enjoyed cold brew, lattes and macchiato made on Joy Beans: fairtrade, organic and roasted in Australia. Every good café knows exactly where their beans are coming from and these guys have signposted the origins, methods and work ethics behind their blend.

The coffee is robust in flavour in the latte; the 18-hour cold brew is not too sweet or bitter and holds coffee merit; however, the dirty turmeric (coffee and turmeric), whilst tasty, can be like drinking from the spice rack once you hit the bottom.

If you love to have a sticky at other people’s gardens and crave freshly made juice, go get Pickled and Pressed – and for some yang to all that goodness, the coffee is a delight too.

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