Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Peppertown Coffee Bar / by Newcastle Discovered

We are four! Thus we are more independent, sure-footed and still snobby AF as we stride into our fifth year of café lurking across Newcastle.

Newcastle Coffee Snobs started as a small group of friends scrutinising the coffee of a hardly known coffee joint, scoring it, then sharing on Facebook for all of Newcastle to add their two cents’ worth. Since then we’ve blossomed into an appreciation society, occasionally rustling feathers of café owners and those wanting to know why they’re not being snobbed by the Snobs. There’s a secret formula of picking the location for our gatherings – you’ll have to come along to one to understand why it’s not open slather.

It was fitting, then, that for our fourth birthday we went to Peppertown Mayfield East: a place that has stood by that bridge over the railway tracks for likely decades, but now has fresh and spritely new manager/owners, excited and slightly nervous to have us there.

Melody and her very cool dad welcomed us into the old Motor Traders Association site along with the delicious harmonies of Jasmine and Mahlo. Look them up... Peppertown proudly supports local artists, and Newcastle Mirage loves local artists too! In the four years we’ve been at it, this was only the second time we’ve come across a Saturday morning live acoustic set, and it adds a little magic to kick off your weekend. 

Inside Peppertown, a galley-style kitchen pumps out tasty brunch morsels while a familiar-faced barista known as Ferris churns out the good oil. Sprocket Roasters is very Newcastle and has happily given us partygoers a deliciously smooth blend, affectionately dubbed a ‘sessions’ coffee that wouldn’t bowl over a casual drinker (but maybe get a double if you like ‘em strong).

Overall, Peppertown is as friendly and cool as the cute li’l spaniel by the door, and it brings a spunky blues-and-roots vibe to the eclectic industrial concoction that is Mayf-life.

Find out the secret formula at our next gathering details at Facebook and on Insta.