Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. One Picket Fence / by Newcastle Discovered

Like an optical illusion, our recent Snobbing location doesn’t appear to exist at first glance. Giving accurate directions to One Picket Fence on Wharf Road, Honeysuckle (overlooking the little roundabout between Crowne Plaza and Newcastle Museum) is an accomplishment in itself, but it’s worth the voyage.

True to its name, there’s a white picket fence outlining a bright, sunny, AstroTurfed outdoor eating area. Inside are your typical long wooden bench tables, and your atypical stunningly eye-catching photo canvases of the natural beauty of country Tamworth by Andrew Pearson, who just happened to be dining at the next table. Interesting indeed!

Medium roast from South Africa is on the machine and comes out light-coloured, mellow and quick – a great choice for those who don’t like to be overwhelmed by their coffee. Not an expansive coffee menu, but the basics are there to accompany the true star: the delicious food.

House-made muesli topped with fresh fruit and lovely delicate flowers comes out in their unique earthenware, which brings a beautiful aesthetic to each meal. We embraced the smashed avo on a bagel, Eggs Benedict to die for, and corn fritters. As for those of us who don’t enjoy savoury/eggs for breakfast, one of the specials (pancakes, waffles) as a menu regular is a recommendation/plea from us. It was painful to see a massive jar of Nutella in the kitchen and not enjoy its happiness, but the watermelon juice was so deliciously juicy and tasty that we were pleased once more.

The music set a lovely ambience with soul, jazz and modern tunes, although it was a bit jarring with its on/off and regular changing of tracks. Overall, though, there’s a lovely different vibe to the carbon copies of the boulevard nearby, and you’ll enjoy chilling out in the sun at the outdoor area.

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