Newcastle Coffee snobs vs. Louie & Jack’s / by Michelle Kot

Dads are pretty great. Mine passed on his love of coffee to me, and for co-owners Zach and Debbie, theirs each inspired the name for their fresh little café Louie & Jack’s inside the Junction Fair Shopping Centre. It’s a very bright, happy place, with mint green and pastel pink hues guarded by a touch of raw wood panelling that gives you enough privacy and seclusion to forget you’re inside a shopping centre. Even though it sits opposite the most expensive Coles in Newcastle in one of the town’s more affluent suburbs by the beach, the pricing and value for money here is phenomenal. And that’s what great coffee and tasty meals should be, regardless of where you live. The Grounds of Alexandria are pumping through the sophisticated machine, while in a little kitchen out the back the cook prepares delicious TEFF flour pancakes, big burgers and steak sangers. You can also get to-go fruit cups, salad rolls, bliss balls – everything!

The rosettes on our milk-based coffees were professional and added to the visual feast, along with the cute green cups and mugs they came in. Soy milk drinks at Louie & Jack’s have been mastered in both a chai latte and a cap, which some Snobs say is not an easy feat. The macchiato was slightly too bitter with some grinds showing through, but overall the coffee, its consistency and efficiency made for some very happy Snobs (who, a few years ago, would’ve never imagined this mall offering anything more than the butcher, the baker and the medicine maker).

Next time you’re in the area and need to pop in for some milk or join the hipster craze of buying grains and nuts in bulk, avoid doing so on an empty stomach and allocate the time to sit and eat or just caffeinate at Louie & Jack’s. You will thank us.

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