Newcastle Coffee Snobs vs. Corner House / by Michelle Kot

Corner House

As a young lass, the ‘corner shop’ for me was a haven of hot chips and a pretty good haul of a bag of mixed lollies for 20 cents. Today, in the age of smashed Vegemite on a chopping board, you can get so much more from your corner store – or, in this case, the ‘Corner House’ we visited last month on the corner of Union and Laman Streets, Cooks Hill.

Laman Street has had a heavy heart of late due to losing more of its lovely canopies, so it’s only fitting that when you walk into Corner House, you’re greeted by so much beautiful soft greenery with light timber finishes playing the supporting role. We’re spoilt with the hygge yet again!

Out the back in the repurposed garage, it’s a bit more functional – and a bit fly-ey, which could be due to the ensemble of nearby recycling bins. But the front section has our favourite thing: the big window bench, a step away from the beautiful pastries on display and immersed in the Single O coffee wafting through. Staff and owners are lovely, welcoming and casual, and you can just feel that this is a good place for your weekend chill or brunch with the girls catching some vitamin E outside.  This stellar location, within walking distance of lots of businesses big and small, had not met its full potential – until now. Corner House is very Cooks Hill.

We were a smaller gathering this time, so while we didn’t try every variation of coffee available, the cold brew was the standout champion of the day. Made in-house, it was very much a sessions cold brew and didn’t mind being accompanied by some beautiful house-made bites to eat. The food was next level delicious – we enjoyed a poached egg with some epic mushrooms and pesto.

If you like a side of serenity with your coffee and fresh brunch vibes, then head around to Corner House.

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