Newcastle Coffee Snobs...November / by Kian West


'Newcastle Coffee Snobs' was born March 2013. The idea was brewing for many years; I was in love with the coffee experience, the booming Newcastle cafe and espresso bar scene and talking endlessly to other serious coffee drinkers about where the best brew was at. snobs logo with coffee

Our first official meet happened April that year and we've "snobbed" over 20 Newcastle cafes since all of which are documented on our facebook page  and Instagram.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, no experience is necessary although there's a deep acceptance amongst the group that it's okay to expect perfection and attention to detail.

We meet 11am every 4th Saturday and the occasional Sunday and membership is always open (even to non-coffee drinkers) because you can snob a hot chocolate just as well.

Meals are usually ordered and once the chewing and drinking has been explored we get a post-it and our serious snobbing hats on. A score out of 5 for your coffee and comments on food, atmosphere, service are recorded then shared with the group which can range in size from 5 to 15 snobs depending on how eager people are.

I like to publish online the honest praise, some recommendations to baristas for improvements but mostly reinforce the fantastic heart that Newcastle has beating, albeit fast, in our cafes.

In between events enthusiasts are encouraged to post their coffee finds, share articles and recommend our next targeted coffee house with the occasional visitor to the city asking for the best place to go while they're in town.Fortunate Son

In October, Fortunate Son played host to 7 long-serving snobs. We took on board that their main aim is to be a wine and whiskey bar but word on the breeze said their Pablo & Rusty's blend was worth the trip. A very adult and understated iced coffee with house made vanilla syrup won over the crowd. It had punch and class.

Cyclists seemed to be the regulars and the funky music had me feeling pretty bliss.

A few drinks that came out could've been warmer but the unique menu which included black pudding and delicious breakfast goods unseen on Beaumont street impressed.

Next up Bank Corner Espresso & Bar 8th November see the page for all the details.


Michelle Kot


ED NOTE: if you missed out on visiting Bank Corner with the Snobs, have no fear because they are hitting the Hood Milk Bar in the Junction December 6th so jump on their Facebook page for all the details!