Newcastle Airport: Go Smarter / by Kian West

“The Hunter community is starting to realise it’s smarter to fly from their airport. More than 1.25 million of you passed through the terminal during the financial year 2016/17, your airport’s best ever for passenger throughput,” Newcastle Airport’s CEO Dr Peter Cock “Your friends, family, and colleagues are realising how easy it is to use your airport. Whether you’re flying for a domestic or international trip, I urge you to rethink your local airport and give us a try.” 

“Looking at our passenger demographics, the growth equates to 34,000 more business people who are able to live in the Hunter but do business in the world, and 40,000 more visits bringing family and friends together—or as I like to think, an extra 40,000 hugs in our terminal.  “Importantly, this result is such a great achievement for our region,” said Peter. “It means that the airlines are taking notice of our region; they are putting in more seats into our market, and our community is responding by booking these extra seats. This is a great growth cycle to be in—and one we need to hold on to. Which is why I’m challenging our community to Go Smarter next time they fly,” said Peter.