New Years Resolutions You Should Actually Keep - A Listicle From A Nostalgic Newcastle Mirage Writer / by Laura Kebby

Photo by: Kira Jones @you_can_totally_sit_with_us

Photo by: Kira Jones @you_can_totally_sit_with_us

Oh boy it’s definitely that time of year again where we’re all about writing lists and setting goals and sometimes, unfortunately setting ourselves up for failure. So… I thought I would write a little list of some achievable goals for 2017.

1. Endeavour To Shop Locally. 

I'm not just talking about produce here, although that is super important as well. What I'm really talking about is supporting businesses with a face behind them. Places like Blackbird Corner, Cooks Hill Books and businesses like Urban Hum and The Grateful are ridiculously important. Even those tucked away in Warners Bay Arcade, all people, proud of the products they produce. They are run by real people, the service is always wonderful and everything you buy puts money back into the city. Do your bit to do your bit. 

2. Listen To More Live Local Music. 

Find a really incredible open Mic night and make it your thing to hunt down some new artists. Spend Tuesdays at NIMA, Sunday evenings at the Ori or spend Thursday night at the Cambridge Hotel. Every night of the week you're pretty well guaranteed to find some incredible talent. Live and local. 

3. Spend More Time Outdoors

Remember King Edward park? They Bogey Hole (now it's reopened yay), the Breakwall, the lake at Warners Bay, Hunt and Gather Markets, the new Bykko initiative? Explore. And yes. Take your phone and #blessed because we definitely are. 

4. Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones. 

Cherish your time together. Take time to take time. Have a long lunch at MoMos, or a drink at the Edwards and actually have a conversation. Skip the small talk. Find out what the people you care about most, are passionate about. Deeper connections for 2017 please. 

5. Be Mindful of Those Around You. 

I wrote a piece about pit behaviour this year that a whole heaps of people seemed to resonate with. To me that says it's not just me who thinks we should simply be nicer to each other. In this new Trump world, it might be all we have.